PJ1 Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube


PJ1 is the manufacturer of the next lube on our list. It actually has quite a few similarities with the product we just looked at. It is a petroleum-based formula that is specially designed to increase performance.

It is designed to reduce friction in the chain as it moves through its motions. That can lead to an increase in overall performance and the chain’s lifespan. Both are very useful functions in a chain lube. It is also formulated to protect against rust and corrosion, which also help to prolong the chain’s lifespan. 

This product has been specially designed for use with O-ring style chains. It penetrates deeply for added protection, and it is also nice and easy to apply. It is designed to not fling off the chain while the bike operates, so you need to apply it less often. 

This is certainly a premium product, and the high price tag matches that, but it is also a very well-designed one.