Plasti Dip Rim Spray Paint


You can really style up your wheels with this spray that creates a metallic finish that lets the base color shimmer through. The spray from this 11-ounce can is easy to handle, and just two or three coats is all you need to create the look you want. Formulated to work with Plasti Dip’s specialist rubber coating, the layers bond together for superior adhesion, enhancing the coating’s lifespan. To create the level of finish and shimmer you want, layer this wheel paint using two to three light coats and leave to thoroughly dry inbetween. You can also add a couple of coats of Plasti Dip’s Glossifier to seal your hard work with a lux high shine. The overall finished effect is shimmery and stylish, without being overpowering. It’s a real winner on our best paint for rims top product list.