Plasti Dip Spray Paint For Rims


If you are concerned about your spraying ability or the standard of the finish, then this rim spray paint kit from Plasti Dip comes complete with a ‘can gun’ to give you better control over the rate of spray. Used after a primer, the paint is a cool matte black that is a rubber-based coating which can work with a range of surfaces and automotive detailing. Then finish the job with the glossifier, sprayed as a topcoat for a lux-look shine. This combination resists moisture, acids and alkalines, protects your rims against abrasions and won’t crack or become brittle even in extremes of weather.

As a hardworking bundle that’s versatile and adds some tough-looking black styling to your rims, we say as one of our best paint for rims, the Plasti Dip is worth a look.