Play22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier


Use playtime as a tool to enhance your child’s creativity with the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset. Take a spin around this exciting toy set and help your child develop excellent motor skills as they move the included smart van through the car wash, on the road or launch it down the ramp. These are intelligent educational toys that children use to build tracks and move their cars through 4 levels and two courses. The VTech SmartPoint technology utilized by the car track comes with six SmartPoint locations that help trigger fun phrases and music by interacting with other SmartPoint vehicles.

Allow your children to experience manipulative play with this car toys set’s interchangeable colorful track pieces created to trigger fun music and phrases. The Go! Go” Smart Wheels playset can be connected with the Animals track pieces for maximum playtime and also enhance the creativity of your child with every hour spent. The VTech playset is one excellent learning tool designed for your child between the ages of 1 to 5. Let’s take a spin around the go! Go! Tower.