POR-15 Gloss Black Rust Preventive Paint


POR has been in the business for decades and has created different paint formulas for the needs of its customers. Over the years, it has modified and created new methods to keep vehicles in top shape. A typical example is the POR Rust Preventive Paint, a superb formula created for rust and corrosion prevention as well as the beauty of your truck frame and chassis.

There are many features and formula elements possessed by this paint, and choosing our favorite is tough. This paint can seal off all moisture and all rust. It is a lead-free paint that is well suited for metal substrates. For areas that have rust, users aren’t required to remove the rust before applying this frame rust paint, and this strengthens its eco-friendly nature. The PRO Paint has a shelf life of up to two years, which can be extended, depending on the way it is used and stored. Once opened, it can last up to six months before a replacement will be advised.