Porta Potti White Thetford Corp RV Toilet


Making a splash (pun intended) at the top of our list is this compact RV Porta Potty. The portable toilet is perfect for RVs, boats, trucks, vans, camping trips and more. Its sleek design fits in wherever required, and resembles a conventional toilet enough to make campers feel at home. Fitted with a four gallon water tank, there’s no need to sacrifice that powerful flush just because you’re away from home. Powered by battery, and built to a comfortable height, this modern portable toilet is the perfect away-from-home bathroom.

Underneath, the toilet can hold 5.5 gallons of waste-water. This significant capacity reduces the number of times you’ll need to empty it during a trip. When it is time to empty the tank, a rotating pour-out spout ensures you won’t encounter any unhygienic splashback. The toilet is cleverly designed for safety, hygiene, and convenience. The waste-water tank is totally leak-proof, and prevents any odors from escaping thanks to a sealed valve. A convenient carry handle on the side of the toilet makes it easy to move from place to place, while a built-in paper holder enhances convenience.