Power Stop K6083 Front and Rear Evolution Brake Kit


This is our third entry from Power Stop, which really highlights its dominance of this sector of products. After a premium level brake kit and truck & towing specialized kit, just what is it coming to the market with here?

Well, what we have here is more of an entry level brake kit, making it a little bit cheaper than the other products from this company. Don’t think that you’re getting ripped off here however, as this is still a great set of car brakes that are bristling with useful features.

The standout features are the drilled and slotted rotor and the ceramic pads that combine for a brake system designed to provide plenty of bite with little dust and noise. This kit is designed to be a serious upgrade on your typical, factory installed car brakes that your vehicle rolled out the factory with. There are not quite the high-end details of the premium products, but you also stand to save quite a bit of cash by selecting this brake kit.