Powerbuilt Universal Lug Wrench


Next we have this design from Powerbuilt. It is of the traditional, cross style of lug wrenches, a design we will see more than once as we move through the list. As for price, this particular one is toward the top end of the mid-range when it comes to four-way tire iron designs.

For that money you get a nice and solid design. It is chrome plated and highly polished, so you get a very attractive shiny surface that is very resistant to rust and water damage. For a tool that could be stored in the trunk for prolonged periods without being used, that’s useful to see. You get your standard four socket sizes, so you should have everything you need to tackle most automotive jobs.

The arms are a little thin and have no padding or protection. If you are extorting a lot of pressure on a stubborn nut you could find those skinny arms biting into your palms a little. We looked at the 20” option, but it is also available in a 14” (easier storage, less leverage) and a 25” for extra leverage for really stubborn bolts and nuts. All in all, it is a very useful, well-designed and simple tool.