PowerMax RV Power Converter


Our top pick is an RV converter that caters to travelers who need a reliable source of 12V DC power. The PowerMax PM3 is built to last and is a durable product that will both charge and power your electric appliances and batteries during road trips and other fun excursions. This unit is a great pick if you are in dire need of an upgrade and includes three charging stages and fixed signal output modes. Matching your appliance needs with the right converter is incredibly important, and luckily this series offers you the choice between three versions of the same unit. The 24V, 48V and 12 Vdc – 220 Vac are three options that cater to different power requirements. You can also increase the power output by simply wiring two units in Series or Parallel and use multiple appliances simultaneously. In addition, the automatic shutdown feature in this unit is triggered in the event of an overload or a short circuit.