Powerstar Harley Battery


As far as high-performance batteries go, the Powerstar HD Battery is right up there with the very best. It prides itself as being a long-lasting option for your bike, even asserting that these batteries last up to 3 times longer than normal batteries. It is also an excellent choice as a replacement battery for your Harley with its ability to withstand vibrations and shocks, which means that you are less likely to suffer shorts. It’s also much heavier than other batteries with heavy-duty plates placed inside the battery, same with the grids.

There are are no leaks or spills to be worried about on this battery, and along with its optional top and front-mounted terminals, it’s a great option for you to buy for your Harley. The most exciting thing about this battery is the warranty as it comes with a three-year warranty which solves most of the common problems of riders who complain of short lifespans of batteries. With this, you can be sure to use this for a good while. For good measure, it adds high power, performance, and low discharge rates to make it a sweet package.