PowerStop K5828 Front and Rear Brake Kit


There are a number of very useful looking features and design points on this product from PowerStop. First there is the disc rotor itself. It is both drilled and slotted to enable effective off gassing and fast cooling. That is really going to help keep the operating temperature down and keep the brakes functioning at their optimum. The rotor discs also boast silver zinc plating to help prevent rust and corrosion – and as a side effect they really make them look great and stay looking great.

The kit also comes with brake pads that are of ceramic carbon-fiber construction. They are off a dust-free construction and also designed to minimize brake noise. The fact they achieve all of this without affecting stopping power is testament to some excellent design and engineering by PowerStop.

Don’t overlook the fact that this is a complete kit. We have discs calibrated for front and rear axels as well as a very helpful bottle of High-Temperature lube to keep everything working nicely.

Overall this is a really well designed kit from PowerStop, who with this product are very much looking to live up to their name.