Pratt & Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves


These men’s leather driving gloves feature a timeless and classic design. The first thing to note is that they are genuine leather, which is fine grain and incredibly soft. This has a number of advantages. The first is that thicker, tougher leather often needs to be “worn in,” and the first few times you wear those types of gloves they may be uncomfortable as they adapt to the specific size and shape of your hands. That’s not a problem with these gloves, which are soft and comfortable straight out the box.

The second advantage of the thin leather is that you can use touchscreens while wearing the gloves. Smartphones and modern cars have touchscreen interfaces, so this is a real advantage. The knuckle cut outs allow your hand to flex, and the snap lock cuff and elasticized wrist grips keep the gloves in place to prevent wrinkling.

These leather driving gloves are a simple but highly effective design as well as an excellent value.