Prest-O-Fit Outrigger RV Step Rug Black


Meet the Camoc RV Camper, a newer, more modern step rug designed for your trailer and RV. We have come across many kinds of RV covers, but the effectiveness of all cannot be compared to this product. This is the master of all RV covers because it is made carefully with research as a backup. It features the use of durable materials which have undergone a series of test to ascertain how suitable they are for use as RV covers. The Camco camper rug is hugely easy to install. It doesn’t require the use of any tools or screws and even glue. To help trap both debris and dirt, these rugs feature an artificial turf system that many competitors don’t have. 

Other features possessed by this camper step covers are numerous; it gets harder to pick the most vital. Besides its material choices and construction methods, the Camco Camper RV step rugs are highly resistant to mildew and mold; thus, they have a higher durability rate. They are made with some premium TPE backing system, which ensures that your rug stays put at all times. Cover all your round steps with confidence and be assured of their protection thanks to this fantastic RV step rug from Camco.