Pro-Series Fifth Wheel Hitch


There has been a lot of positive feedback about the Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Wheel Hitch by users in different parts of the world. These have arisen for a whole myriad of reasons, which we are willing to let you in on. For starters, the Pro-Series wheel hitch has been designed sturdily with a 4-way pivoting head which features a 5-degree side tilt, making the process of hooking it up extremely easy. Its slide bar mechanism comes complete with a rounded outline, making this unit ideal for automatic self-latching.

The Pro-series sliding 5th wheel hitch unit is elementary to setup and install, and every purchase gives users the chance to take hold of the fifth wheel hitch’s mounting kit as well as a unit. From thirteen inches to seventeen inches, it is possible to make vertical adjustments of this fifth wheel hitch, and this has been known to promote ease in matching the unit with different trailers. Thanks to its one-piece legs that feature a wide stance, this wheel hitch offers nothing but great stability, and also provides the required clearance for safe completion of turns made via a slow speed.