Project CARS – PlayStation 4


Are you looking for intensity? New, daring challenges? Or a car racing game that is beautifully authentic in its own way? You will want to give the Project Cars game a drive. Considered as one of the most technically advanced game on the planet,  ps4  car games offer players enough excitement for the year. This one in particular, features world-class graphics and handling, low tuning and a functional pit stop, as well as a groundbreaking dynamic time of day feature which comes paired with a weather system. To play, you must create a driver, select your preferred motorsport and then sign your first contract. Succeed by shifting into high gears during your races, achieving many vital goals and ultimately entering the Hall of Fame.

This will provide you with offers from other teams, endorsements as well as special invitations. Whichever car you’re passionate about, Project CARS has it, be it a kart, open wheel, GT, road cars and even US muscle cars. The best part is that more cars are added to the existing collection regularly, so you never run out of options. Enter into global Time Trial challenges or challenge your friends to a race for real-world prizes.