Proslat 10026 Steel Tire Storage Rack Wallmount


Keep all your off-season tires and rims safe, protected from the elements and always in top shape by storing them when they’re not needed. This doesn’t include leaving them everywhere on your garage floor, as this may have a negative effect. They need to be appropriately stored to prolong their lifespan, hence why we recommend the Proslat 10026 Storage Rack, a wall mounted storage unit that features a 350-pound rack capacity to help you maximize space in your shed, garage or basement. It can hold four standard tires with mags or rims, and it’s probably your next best possession. 

The reliable and robust outlook of the Proslat is one created from its heavy-duty steel construction which features the further addition of a corrosion-resistant pain that has a hammered finish. Well-engineered to accommodate your different care tires, this storage unit is best suited to keep your off-season rims and tires safe for your next use. It has also been tested, to handle weights up to 350 pounds, to ensure that your tires are protected for as long a time as possible. Screwing the rack directly onto the wall is one way of installation, with another being hanging it from a Proslat PVC Slatwall panel. A sturdy and well-built storage rack, the Proslat comes at four feet wide and fits easily into most sheds, basements, and garages. Whether hung or screwed onto your wall, it promises to offer you excellent service by holding your extra tires weighing up to 350 pounds.