ProSol Bugs N All Bug-And Tar Remover


Topping our list of the best bug and tar removers is the Bugs N’ All Multi-Use Vehicle Cleaner. As the name suggests, this cleaner effectively tackles bugs and ‘all’, including dirt, grease, black marks and bird droppings. It breaks down bugs by neutralizing and releasing their organic acids in just 60 seconds (less for other types of dirt), allowing you to wipe your car clean quickly and with almost no effort.

One of the best things about this bug and tar remover is that the gentle formula is suitable for use on the exterior and interior of your car and can be used on paint, leather, carpet, plastic, vinyl and upholstery, so it’s highly versatile. The bio-degradable formula contains no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients, so it’s more environmentally friendly than many similar products. There is a lot of satisfaction with this product with users describing it as ‘magic’ and ‘phenomenal’ and gushing over its effectiveness at removing bugs almost instantly.