ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Garage Floor Mat


The inclusion of ProsourceFit’s wonderful Exercise Puzzle Mat may confuse some car-lovers; given that it’s designed for strength and resistance training. Yet they’re also fantastic for giving your floor the protection it needs from adverse drippage. Constructed from high-density EVA foam, this mat contains zero toxic phthalates yet is also highly water-resistant. Another feature we love is its non-skid surface that prevents slippages – whether you’re using this mat for weights or for changing the petrol!

Our favorite feature is this mat’s adjustable coverage. Although it covers a total of 24 square feet, one of the many advantages of its jigsaw-puzzle construction is that they can be fitted together how you see fit – or rather, how the shape of your garage dictates! And if you need wall-to-wall installation then the foam is remarkably easy to cut for reinstallation. It’s non-toxic, waterproof, and absorbs any impact – what’s not to love?