ProTect 1500W 9 Piece Heat Gun Kit


From one of the simpler, more basic models we turn now to a feature packed, highly engineered tool from DeWALT. This company of course has a well-earned reputation for producing high quality power tools, and this heat gun is no exception.

It is packed to the rafters with useful features. Probably the stand out of which is the built in LCD screen that allows for incremental temperature adjustments. Whilst many models will allow you to change temperature only from two set amounts, this is more of a sliding scale with 50 Fahrenheit increments. In addition to accurate temperature changes, you also have a huge temperature range here, with the gun able to generate hot air with a temperature anywhere from 150 to 1100 Fahrenheit.

You also get a very comprehensive accessory pack here. Everything from nozzles to scrapers are included, as well as a very tough (and very useful) storage case.

There are however two trade offs for all of these features. One is size, with this tool packing a slightly bloated weight of 7 pounds. That makes it easily one of the more heavyweight heat guns on the market. The other is price, and this beast is going to kick a big hundred dollar plus hole in your credit card. You are getting a whole lot of premium heat gun for that cash though.

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