Protect Life First Aid Kit


We’ve mentioned on a few products on this list before that they either come with no first aid kit or, if they do, that the kit is usually pretty basic. We’ve also suggested that if you do want a good quality first aid kit then you may be better off buying a dedicated kit, and this could be the one.

This is a very well stocked first aid kit, containing just about everything you would need in the initial stages of minor medical emergency. A wide range of bandages, tape, anti-septic and alcohol wipes and wipes to treat insect stings along with eye pads, tweezers and cotton applicators – to name just a few of the things you’ll find in this kit.

There aren’t many tools included, but the kit is nice and small and easy to tuck away in the car.

Another cool thing to note is that the items have a pretty long shelf life of around 3 to 5 years. All perishable goods are clearly marked with a use by date too, so if you do buy this and pop it into the trunk or the glove box, jut remember to pull it out every now and then to check the dates.