PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner


The cheapest non-handheld model on the list, and it’s pretty obvious that this is something of a basic model. It is for example lacking in the kind of control you would see on more premium models. Yes, it also comes with an 11 piece accessory kit, but this is not the versatility of tools you would see on even a slightly more expensive model of cleaner.

On the other hand, this tool has a 45 Oz. internal water tank for a total steam production time of up to 45 Minutes. It also has a 1500-watt heating unit that can generate a good head of steam to tackle deep cleaning. It’s also nice and small and compact, with a built in set of wheels for mobility.

To sum up then, whilst you are missing a few of the bells and whistles you would expect on a more premium model, you are getting a product that will certainly be useful in deep-cleaning your car with a price tag of well under 100 bucks.