Qidoe 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter


Don’t you just love it when your kids are peacefully playing with their iPads in the back of the car, giving you time to unwind in the front? Qidoe aims to keep your children occupied on even the longest journeys by bringing you its 120-watt Cigarette Lighter Splitter. The four USB car chargers won’t only fit diverse car appliances like dash cams and humidifiers, each cigarette lighter also includes its own individual on/off switch to maintain safety.

Containing a PPTC auto-recovery fuse and Smart IC technology to maintain longevity, the device is also kept secure due to the sticky detachable mount that keeps the splitter where you want it. Just don’t exceed 120 watts and your RoHS, CE, and FCC certified device will provide your car with an abundance of outlets for years to come.