Quality Chain Cobra Cable Snow Tire Chains


Our final product is called the Cobra Cable, which may sound like the name of a male porn star but is actually a pretty innovative chain design. What we’re looking at here is a chain that incorporates the cable-style design that we saw on the two Security Chain products we looked at earlier. That is going to help to provide good traction in the snow, whilst keeping the overall clearance nice and low.

You’ll also see that this model lacks a securing chain, instead of being held in place by a pretty thin wire. On the one hand, that may not provide the strength of some of the more rugged models on this list. It will, however, protect your alloys from being scratched up by big chains, so it’s a bit off a trade-off really.

It’s worth noting too that the price is phenomenally low on this product – you’ll be getting a fistful of change from a 50 dollar bill, so this is one of the best tire chains on the list from a pure value for money point of view.

In summary, it’s a pretty basic product, probably lacking the strength for heavier vehicles or tougher winter conditions. But for occasional use on lighter passenger cars, it has a number of good design features and a very attractive price tag.