QuickDraw Self Marking Measuring Tape


We have a very interesting design for you next. At the complete opposite end of spectrum from the Stanley Powerlock, which hasn’t changed in over 50 years, this tool represents a very innovative and cutting edge design.

That innovation is all down to the inclusion of a built in graphite-marking tool. What is a graphite-marking tool? Don’t worry, it’s just a pencil! But the fact it has been built into the case of the tool means that it is very easy to make accurate markings. You don’t have to fumble around holding the tape measure in one hand, searching your pockets for that pencil you were sure you just saw five seconds ago. Now you use the tape measure itself to make the marking line.

Most tape measures are of course highly accurate, at least in terms of their markings, and errors are more likely to be made by us, the users. And we usually make these errors when trying to make out pencil lines on whatever we are measuring. By making that whole process easier, it could be argued that this tool makes a good case for being one of the most accurate tape measures you could get.

We should point out that this tool does come with a premium price tag, and is in fact one of the most expensive on the list. That though is the price you have to pay for true innovation of course.