Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom


Over the years, Quickie products have dominated the market with their amazing designs and fantastic functional abilities. Its push brooms are all similar in more ways than one, with little innovative tweaks setting one model apart from the other. The Bulldozer model is one of its unique units. It’s great for sweeping mulch, sand, drywall debris and grass clippings. It features polypropylene fibers that are known for their alternating stiffness and softness characteristics. 

We love this push broom from Quickie because of its innovative systems. This unit comes with a tight grip handle built with 60-inch powder-coated steel material and a swivel hang-up feature. This unit offers excellent grip while you sweep thanks to its foam cushion grip system. It doesn’t matter where you want to clean; this unit works well both inside and outside. You must, however, take notice of the kind of surface, as this unit is well suited for medium-textured surfaces. The Quickie brand is known for both DIY and contractor cleaning products such as brooms, mops, dusters, brushes, buckets, and dustpans.