Quictent Party Tent Gazebo Portable Garage


Made by Quictent, one of the world’s leading and innovative tent and or garage makers, the Gazebo boasts of being very spacious and with dimensions of 6m by 3.5m by 2.66m, it is able to house at most a thirty people at a go. The Gazebo is easily movable and no extra tools or equipment are required when erecting and building the tent as it comes with its necessary assembly parts. It is available in variable colors and has strong strands, pegs , and ropes that hold it firmly to the ground, making it very difficult to be easily swayed by the winds. Additional features include a rust-resistant steel tube that holds the tent in place along with a durable four-sided waterproof cover with transparent windows that allows natural light to get in. What’s more, the sidewalls that are enclosed are double and are designed with an entry fabricated with a zipper. For best temperatures, the zipper can be easily enclosed to keep the warmth circulating within the tent.