R1 Concepts Complete Brake Kit


If you drive a Jeep then you know those rugged vehicles are packing more power (and weight) than a typical car. For that reason, R1 Concepts created this product specifically for Jeep vehicles.

In the design you see a lot of the features that make up one of the best car brakes on the market. We have a rotor disc design with pre-drilled holes and a diamond slotted surface. This keeps the brakes cooler while giving those ceramic pads something to really get their (figurative) teeth into.

Construction is nice and rugged as you would expect for something designed to stop a Jeep, and it’s a nice feature to see that the discs are silver zinc plated. That will help to avoid rusting and corrosion and is not normally a feature you always find on disc brakes kits from the lower end of the price range.

If you drive a Jeep and want to install high quality, bespoke designed brakes then you should take a look at this offering.