Racor Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift


One brand we admire is Racor. Since their inception, they have sought to create the best jeep hardtop hoist in the business, through the use of massive duty resources and new technologies. This elevator has a maximum load capacity of 250 lbs, which allows it to carry all loads with ease. Ergonomics isn’t an issue with this product thanks to its user-friendly build and comfortable grip body. The best part of the Racor Ceiling Hoist is that it can be mounted into any ceiling, via the use of built-in nylon rings. Some features of this elevator include the ergonomic handles, secure nylon cables, heavy-duty steel support beams, and a pulley system for all your loads.

The Racor hoist locks securely into place thanks to the steel cables incorporated into the design. There is also efficiency, which is made possible via the incursion of various installation accessories. We will recommend this hardtop unit to all vehicle users requiring the best products for their jeep vehicles. With this elevator, creating extra storage space or compromising wall space is never an issue. With the Racor elevator, we can guarantee that you will reclaim your storage space.