Radtek Garage Parking Aid Ball Guide System


Say hello to the cutest parking guide to make it’s way into our list! Imagine coming home to his little grinning face every day, how nice would that be? This product is a professional standard upgrade on the classic tennis ball and string garage parking aid method that has been employed for decades.

The upgrade comes in a couple of forms here. First of all that little face is not just cute, it’s also highly practical. The ball background is bright yellow, which helps to make this ball stop guide that bit easier to see even in a gloomier garage (though a well lit garage will be much easier to park in anyway, no matter how bright your ball is).

It’s also nice and easy to install. The clip is screwed into the garage rafters or attached to the roof in some way. The balls hang at the end of an 8-foot string, which should be long enough for installation in most garage designs and can also be trimmed to length. That’s about it really. If there is one big advantage to designs like this – apart from the low price – it is that it is all incredibly simple in both installation and use. Oh, and you also get two balls in this kit, so it’s perfect for either a two car garage, or to pop one ball into a drawer as a spare.