Ratcheting Screwdriver Bit and Socket Set


This mammoth 38 piece screwdriver set offers a bit for virtually every job, along with an ergonomic ratcheting handle. The wide selection of bits includes Phillips, slotted, star, and hex, making the set an ideal option where a wide variety of screws need to be worked with. Each bit is highly durable, plated with chrome vanadium steel. The adapter is treated with the same coating, allowing the set as a whole to resist both abrasion and corrosion.

Meanwhile, the stubby screwdriver handle features an ergonomic design fits the hand comfortably, reducing fatigue while offering an excellent grip. Its ratcheting function makes it efficient to use, too, offering excellent torque compared to normal use. Finally, the fact that the set comes in its own convenient storage box means the bits won’t go walkabout and can be safely kept together.