Reach Barrier Garage Door Insulation Kit


Reach Barrier’s offering runs along similar materials to Reflectix, in that their insulation is made of multiple layers of foil over a bubble-packed center. Again, this makes for a lightweight option that is easy to cut and install- with the main difference being that, instead of coming in roll-format, these come in panels. This can make it much easier to cut to size and measure-up for your garage doors, however it can also lead to a little more wastage, as you’ll be trimming and chopping little bits at a time.

In order to fit these, you’ll just need to use the Stick’ems provided in the pack- no clips, which means no mess. This is definitely preferable for some users, as it’s quick and easy to install- it also means you likely won’t need to make holes in your insulation, in order to keep the foils in place.