RecPro RV Blue LED Awning Party Light


If you’ve always dreamed of owning a spaceship, RecPro’s bright blue Awning Party Light brings you one step closer. Attaching securely to your RV with industrial-strength, pre-applied tape, the bright-blue lights can be installed in as little as 10 minutes, as the strip simply snaps into the track – no precarious sliding required. Otherwise, if you don’t want to use the tape, the light can be inserted easily with the included brackets.

One piece of advice: do not overlook the instructions and fit the lights anywhere you want. They should be up high beside the awning lights so their LED brightness can be used to guide you, not blind you! Yet as much as these light’s brightness could light up an entire campsite, they won’t be too dazzling so that they’ll get in the way. If you enjoy receiving compliments from your neighbors at the campsite, these lights will deliver them.