Red Hound Auto Wheel Car Dolly


There is a lot to like about our first entry, from car supplies manufacturer Red Hound Auto. The most impressive thing to us though is the fact this is a four pack of wheel dollies with a price tag of under a 150 bucks. Before we even get to talking about the other features, we just want to acknowledge what phenomenal value that is.

There is more to these than just the great price tag though. They have a very tough construction that means that each wheel dolly has a weight capacity of 1500 pounds (so 6000 pounds total). That is going to be sufficient weight capacity to move just about any car short of a SUV or a long bed pick up.

Speaking of moving the car, that is incredibly easy thanks to the dual radial ball bearing axles found on every wheel. They are designed to make pushing the car crazy easy, and one person will be able to push a car with relative ease. Simple but effective built in brakes will hold each dolly exactly where you want it to stop. Each dolly has a powder coated, steel construction for a product that should boast a long and useful life span.