Redwood Mats Patio Mat


Traveling by motorhome is something many dream about.  The freedom to travel to many different locations with minimal cost, to sleep where the day ends, and to wake up in front of incredible landscapes is a memorable experience. This way of traveling has many good points but also not-so-good issues. Staying clean is one of them. The last mat on our list is the Redwood Mats Patio Mat. It comes with four ground stakes, making it the only product on our list that offers this to customers. To improve traction, its textured surface allows for use on multiple surfaces. Apart from this, it offers all the usual features you’d want from an RV mat. It’s a no-frills option for those who are after a simple product that does the job.

Overall, it’s a quality mat that is both durable and well constructed. To further instill confidence, the manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee policy. The only drawbacks are the price and the smell it gives off in the sun, which many users have reported.