Reese Elite Fifth Wheel Hitch


The Reese Elite 30142 fifth wheel hitch is one model under the Reese Elite brand that will never disappoint you regarding expectations and functionality. A member of the brands elite series, this entity is amongst many other models that have gained massive popularity around the globe with their provision of easy and quick hook-ups through a widely manufactured funnel area. In total, this hitch comes with an enormous capacity of 18,000 pounds and has been pre-assembled to save users up to an hour of assembly time. A wrench has been provided with every package, however, to help users hand tighten the foot assembly, while foot tab washers have also been included for a fast installation process.

The self-latching jaw feature included in the design of this reese 5th wheel hitch wraps around the kingpin, offering a high level of security for long periods. Features such as this make this wheel hitch unit an ideal choice for all your heavy-duty hauling. To lessen the burden and trouble associated with coupling and installing a wheel hitch to a full-size truck, this unit comes with all things required to reduce the issues and make your installation effortless.