Reese Towpower Digital Brake Control


Next up we have a Reese Trailer brake control. A somewhat different model to the one we just looked at, it is a far simpler design of brake controller. That’s not necessarily a bad thing however, with a number of useful design points coming out of that simplicity.

Installation, for example, is extremely straightforward. As a solid-state electronic device there are no orientation issues here – you can hang it upside if the mood takes you. It does come with a useful installation harness, though the wires that run to the plug attachment are a little shorter than those you will find on some other models.

Once in place, set up is as easy as install. Use the big chunky buttons to enter and adjust trailer weight and brake activation speed and away you go. You will pay a little extra for the Reese name, but the guarantee of quality design and high-end construction is probably worth the few extra bucks.