Regetek 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Stereo


This model from Regetek is a pretty low-priced entry, and as such has a few pros and cons. The pros, other than the price, are definitely the screen, which at 7 inches is one of the biggest on the list.

That brings us neatly to one of the drawbacks, however, which is a complete absence of DVD and CD playback. It’s a shame to have a screen this big and not be able to play DVDs on it.

Aside from that we have the standard Bluetooth connectivity, and the device has a built-in microphone to make calls easier (you don’t have to bellow into your phone!)

That’s about it. It’s a pretty basic model for a low price that will probably do a decent job even if it is severely lacking in the bells and whistles and extra features that you’ll find on higher-end models.