Retrospec by Westridge Commuter Bike


This elegant commuter bike is designed for a woman rider with the low slung frame design. It comes in a variety of pretty colors that will suit most women’s tastes. From candy floss pink, to classic black, there will be a shade made of this good commuter bike for everyone lady out there.

Importantly, for the city dweller rider, it has 7 speeds and is therefore suitable for a variety of gradients within any city. Those that ride to and from work every day on their commuter road bike will find that this answers all their needs, therefore, comfortably. This also means that the rider will have a comfortable ride with its well designed bike seat and easy mount frame. Given that it is made with women in mind, even those that use their urban commuter bike while wearing a skirt, will be able to get to work with ease.

The Beaumont 7 is not totally constructed when first delivered, but the manufacturer promises that it is 85% of the way there. It is easy to finish off however, with the easy to follow instructions, plus it is a good way to get to know your bike for any further issues. Plus, it comes with a steel rear rack so that you can transport your items that you need for your day easily.