Reversible Mats RV Camping Mat


Our top pick, the Reversible Mats RV Camping Mat, will help keep your RV spotless. It’s sure to meet your patio mat needs when it comes to durability and value for the money. It has been designed by Reversible Mats, a leading manufacturer of outdoor mats that has been in the game for a while, so you can be sure of a top-notch quality design.

The most striking feature of this RV mat is the breathable, 100-percent polypropylene fabric that allows both air and sunlight to flow through. It offers the perfect material composition for those who are environmentally conscious. Mats are known to catch all types of debris, which can trigger allergies in both pets and small children, and the manufacturer of this RV camping mat clearly took that into consideration. What’s more, since the material is mildew and mold resistant, you have the freedom to place it outside without fear of damage from the rain. The manufacturer even throws in a storage bag at no extra cost.