Richsing LED Strip Lights


Although minimalist designs may be the front runner on the market these days, we believe that every room is better with a splash of color. Providing 20 shades and 22 miscellaneous modes to choose from, Richsing’s LED Strip Lights are practical as well stylish. The backs of both strip lights are aligned with viscous blue imported tape, ensuring adhesive capabilities beyond your wildest dreams.

Once they are fully secured onto the wall, you can start to play around with the vast array of features, most notably the power of the white key. By pressing it down you’ll unleash the fierce RGB combination color that will turn any humdrum room into a temporary nightclub. Contrarily, if you want to relax with your other half, find a color combination between red, blue, and green to settle down for the night. Inexpensive and cheerful, these lights successfully create the ambience you desire.