RID-X RV Toilet Treatment


In an ideal world, everything would smell fresh and scented. Unfortunately, people have to deal with foul smells from toilet systems. The good news here is that the RID-X RV Treatment Liquid can deal with all that. It takes on tank sludge like a champ, leaving it smelling fresher than ever. This can be credited to the natural bacteria in it that can easily break apart tissue and all other forms of waste. In fact, it contains strong cellulase enzyme which tackles the waste head-on. What’s even better is the fact that its gifts are not just privy to RVs. This powerful formula can be used in portable toilets and also in marine toilets. Also, it serves black, grey and other tanks alike. With this RV black water tank chemicals, application once a week is duly enough to give a long-lasting effect. The citrus scent is strong enough to keep everything fresh on the odor front. Equally, the RV holding tank itself will be as clean as ever.