Rockford Fosgate R169X3 6×9 Speaker


The first thing that you will notice about this model is that they certainly look the part. The nice flat design & black plastic housing will easily allow these speakers to blend in with any in car installation.

Construction wise we’re talking a high quality, polypropylene cone that has been vacuum formed for top end accuracy in the finished component. A traditional steel basket frame completes the build for a set of speakers built with a level of care and using premium materials that you may not expect for this low price.

The downside is a relatively low power handling rating of just 130 watts, comfortably the lowest on this list. This means that you will suffer distortion to some extent if you crank the volume all the way to 11. If you’re not too worried about having the loudest speakers on the market however, this model provides excellent quality at anything below loudest volume.

They are a great and cost effective replacement for factory installed speakers if you want the next level of audio without breaking the bank.