Roller Derby Deluxe Series


The Roller Derby Deluxe Series is a collection of high-quality skateboards that are designed for rookies and intermediate skateboard riders. In the entire world, this is the most sold collection because of its robustness, quality, and durability. No brand comes second to these because seasoned experts handcraft them. Every board produced is taken through a series of tests that check its maneuverability, strength, and reliability.

The Roller Derby Deluxe longboard for beginners are made with aluminum trucks, which work to make the classic deck design more comfortable. The deck is designed and built from hard rock maple wood for extra durability and perfect stability. For a smooth ride at all times, these boards feature premium wheels that have been injected with polyurethane. After your purchase, you can make use of your skateboard because it comes pre-assembled. This saves you time and allows you to enjoy the board full of the onset.