Roofbag Soft Car Top Carrier


Thule is one of the best-regarded manufactures of cargo boxes out there right now. They are so good in fact that – spoiler alert – this is the first of two Thule products that have found their way into our list.

This is the higher end product from Thule, and so whilst it carries a range of useful features, it also has a high price tag that increases with the size of box. That is however pretty average for a higher end product in this category, so Thule aren’t ripping you off here.

Especially when you consider what you get for that price. Depending on the size you get anything from 13 to 21 cubic feet of extra storage space which is very useful indeed. The box has tapers to a point and employs diamond textured aero skin to help it slice through the air and protect vehicle fuel economy.

The Quick-Grip mounting system is both tool free and very easy to use and, with a bit of practice, you can get the box on and off the car in about 5 minutes. A secure lock protects your luggage too, rounding off a pretty impressive list of features.