Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag


This old school, military-inspired mechanics bag looks awesome! In a world of Poly-Fiber, Plastic and Nylon construction in tool bags it’s awesome to see a company bringing an alternative to the market. Just because it’s old-fashioned doesn’t mean it’s not tough though. This bag is made of heavyweight cotton canvas, which, ask your Grandpa for verification here, is actually a very tough and hard wearing material.

We have a lot of practical features built into this bag too. The central compartment is huge with plenty of space for individual, larger tools. 8 internal and 2 external pockets provide additional storage options for smaller bits and pieces, whilst the handles are nice and wide for a little extra comfort.

Do bear in mind that canvas is not very water resistant, so don’t go dumping this down in puddles or leaving it out in the snow. That said, it remains a very well designed, very well built and very interesting looking tool bag that is certainly different from the bulk of designs out there today. It also costs a shade under 15 bucks too, so it is frankly amazing value too.