Rugged Ridge Black Aluminum Hood Catch Set


Quality Jeep parts stand out against all others, and Rugged Ridge designed the top hood catch set that we tested. If you’re not familiar with hood catch sets, these are designed to reduce hood flutter from your Wrangler while you’re cruising down the road at high speeds. Hood flutter reduces your overall speed, requires you to use more gas and cuts down on aerodynamics. This kit does have a lengthy install, but once it’s put into place, operation is an absolute cake walk.

It’ll take about half an hour to set up. Rugged Ridge designed this stainless steel and aluminum latch to withstand anything that comes its way, and included a five-year warranty to back up their attention to detail and promise of quality. This latch works with just about every single model of Wrangler, providing a tighter seal without causing tension damage to the springs and standard hood latch. It’s time to optimize your ride.