Rugged Ridge Jeep Wrangler Dash Mount


Jeep Wrangler parts don’t always need to provide a structural addition; this super simple add-on to your Wrangler will make every single future ride a little more relaxed. We’ve all tried plug-in or suction cup phone holders in our cars before, but unless it’s designed to adapt to a specific car or truck, it’s not going to perform the way you want it to. Rugged Ridge created this specifically with Jeep Wranglers in mind.

After it contours perfectly to your dash, you’ll be able to use the vertical and horizontal phone grasp with rubber end caps. This keeps your phone in place, even if you upgrade to larger models in the future. You get the addition of this little tray area to hold onto accessories, while having the power to adjust the phone holder in just about any way imaginable. A simple addition designed to make every ride easier.

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