Rugged Ridge Rear View Mirror Glue


The Rugged Ridge 11021.01 Rear View Mirror Glue creates a permanent solution for your broken rear view mirror or for attaching a new mirror to your windshield. It is an extra-strong  solution, and the best part is that there is no mixing required. Also, with the rugged bridge glue you can attach and repair several other materials to varying surfaces, such as glass to glass, metal to glass, metal to metal, ceramics or jewelry.

Before use make sure you follow the directions that are on the package. Scrape any residue of previously used adhesive, clean the surface that is to be used, apply primer and leave to dry for a few minutes, and then apply the glue.  For some users this glue is great because it is easy to apply, it is fast-acting, it is durable, and overall it will do the job that you want it to at a fair price.