Rust-Oleum 7215502 Hammered Metal Finish


This is our second product from Rust-Oleum, however, this one boasts a Hammered Finish. Which means that the paint dries to a very attractive patterned finish that makes the metal look like it has been worked to a machined finish.

In addition to looking really nice, this kind of surface is also very good at covering up dents, dings and scrapes on the door surface. If your garage door is showing a bit of wear and tear, this could be a great option to easily cover up those offending marks and signs of damage.

As well as its great finished appearance this is also a pretty tough paint too. It is weather and corrosion resistant and also has built-in protection against fading, chipping and general abrasion. It’s also multi-surface and can be painted onto wood and metal as well as concrete and masonry, so it has a wide range of potential applications.

It’s also available in a slightly wider color range than some other paints on this list – though there are not the 21 colors we saw with the TotalBoat product. But with eight colors to choose from there’s still a lot of variety.