Rust-Oleum Gray Primer Car Paint


Coming in at a close second on our collection of the best automotive paint is this option from Rust-Oleum. This basecoat formula comes in a stylish chrome yellow that’s perfect for touching up the details of your car. You could also use it to cover your whole car, if you were to purchase multiple cans – it comes pre-thinned and ready to spray, which is great for convenience, but means it might not stretch as far as you think.

It dries quickly in 30 minutes, so you don’t need to worry too much about bugs getting stuck in it during application – although you do need to make sure each layer is completely dry before applying a new one. Once applied, it will also help to protect your car from rust – for the best and most durable results, it is recommended to apply the topcoat from the same range. If you’re happy to do this, the results can be very impressive, especially when polished.